DIY Wedding Bouquet Recipe

DIY Wedding Bouquet Recipe

Making your own wedding bouquets is a fun way to add your personal touch to your special day. Below we outline how to make an economical arrangement out of carnations and baby's breath for your whole wedding party. You can replace the carnations in this recipe with any other focal flower (roses, mini callas, and mums all would work great).

I especially like to work with carnations and recommend them to DIY Brides because they come in several colors and have one of the longest vase lives.

You may also add leafy greens to the mix for a more natural look. Greens tend to make the arrangement less round. Message us bellow with any comments. I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations!!


What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Hydrate your flowers

Cut your stem tips diagonally and place in a container of fresh water to hydrate for 2-3 hours prior to arranging.

Step 2: Prepare your flowers and greens

Remove all of the large leaves on the stem of the Carnations except for those at the base of the flower, and remove the lower half branches from the Baby's Breath.

Step 3: Arrange your bouquet

Gently arrange the Carnations in one hand, following the recipe below. Create a nice semicircle and add a halo of Baby's Breath. Secure using green floral tape and trim the stems.

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