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Choosing the Right Vase for Flowers

When choosing the right vase for your flowers, proportion is key. Each flower and bouquet has its own height, and respecting proportional rules is essential for maintaining aesthetics. Follow the rule of thirds to ensure a harmonious composition that highlights the beauty of your blooms.

Proportion and Height

Consider the total height of the flower, including the exposed stem. The vase should have one-third of the total height, while the visible portion of the flower takes up the remaining two-thirds. This proportion maintains a pleasing balance between the vase and the floral arrangement.


Natural lavender and pink stock


Width of the Vase

To determine the width, calculate the horizontal space occupied by the flower's blossoms. Then, choose a vase that occupies between one and two-thirds of the total width of the flowers. Avoid selecting a vase that is wider than the flowers, as it may overshadow the beauty of the blooms. Maintaining this proportion ensures each element of the composition receives its deserved attention, with the flowers taking center stage.

Mouth Size of the Vase

The mouth size of the vase should be slightly wider than the circumference of the stems. A narrow mouth will compress the bouquet, creating an overly constrained appearance. On the other hand, a wide mouth will cause the flowers to spread out too much. Aim for a gap of approximately five centimeters on each side, allowing the flowers to breathe while maintaining a visually appealing arrangement.

Fresh cut Lavender and Pink Stock floral arrangement

Material of the Vase

Consider the vase's material when making your selection. Glass, porcelain, and metallic options, such as stainless steel, are available. Ultimately, choose a material that aligns with your sense of aesthetics. Keep in mind that glass vases allow the stems to be visible, so consider the appearance of the stems and whether they are smooth or branched. Additionally, factor in the ease of cleaning, as some flowers may leave residue in the water. If you have many stems that are not smooth and the water is likely to become dirty, it is best to use an opaque ceramic or metal vase.

Additional Considerations

Other factors to consider when choosing the right vase for your flowers are the vessel's decoration and shape. The vase should never outshine or overshadow the flowers, as they are the focal point. Ensure that the vase's design complements the overall decor. By following these tips, you'll consistently select vases that enhance your floral products.

By understanding the rule of thirds and considering proportion, width, mouth size, and material, you can choose the perfect vases for your floral arrangements. Present your beautiful flowers in suitable vases to create a visually appealing and harmonious display. Visit Bloomingmore and choose your favorite focal flowers, fillers, and greenery to create beautiful arrangements

Fresh cut Stock floral arrangement


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