DIY Fresh Flower Ombré  Heart Tutorial

DIY Fresh Flower Ombré Heart Tutorial

Spread the love this year and give your Valentine a fresh flower heart. We designed our flower heart with an ombré look using white, pink and red roses.

Carnations and mums are especially great for this project because they require less water than the traditional roses.  This makes for a gorgeous gift or unique wedding detail and it's also a creative family project.



What You'll Need:

  • Heart Shaped Oasis* or make your own out of flower foam blocks 
  • A Mix of 3 Bunches of Blooms
  • Sharp Shears
  • A Bucket of Water

*We recommend buying a heart-shaped oasis, but for the last minute planner it is also possible to make an oasis heart out of standard blocks. We made our own heart using several blocks and pinning them together with long sticks.



STEP 1: Hydrate Your Flowers

Cut your flowers' stem tips diagonally and place in the container of water to hydrate for 2-3 hours prior to crafting your Flower Heart.



STEP 2: Trim your Stems

Clip the stems three inches from the head of the flower.



STEP 3: Wet your Oasis

If you want your flowers to last longer, you will want to soak your Oasis with a cup of fresh water. This provides a source of water for your thirsty flowers. However, carnations and mums are a great alternative that will you last for up to 2 days without water.



STEP 4: Place your flowers

Start at the top and form the shape of the heart by carefully adding flowers in a row. Try not to grab the flowers by the petals or to leave too much room between each flower. 


STEP 5: Et Voilà!

Once all the flowers are in place, adjust them slightly to get an even effect. So simple, yet so beautiful! 



We love to hear from you! Share your comments and pictures below or on social media! #Bloomingmore

Happy Blooming!


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