Hanging Flower Balls (Pomander)

Hanging Flower Balls (Pomander)

Hanging Flower Ball Tutorial

Tania, our blooms specialist, gives us her expertise on how to make a DIY Pomander aka flower ball using fresh cut hydrangeas. Pomanders are a popular alternative to flower girl baskets and are often hung along the aisle for decoration.
Pomanders are a great DIY wedding project for bridesmaids and family members because it's a fuss-free project that always comes out perfect. Hydrangeas can easily be replaced with other more economical flowers such as cute poms, mums or carnations in the color of your choice.

Items you will need:

  • Farm Fresh Flowers
  • Sphere Flower Foam
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Floral Pins
  • Bucket of water

Step 1: Hydrate

Let your flowers soak in water for several hours for the healthiest blooms!

Step 2: Wet the Foam

The flower foam is your flower's source of hydration between now and the event. Soak the foam until it turns dark green to ensure it has absorbed the maximum amount of water.

Soak the flower foam

Step 3: Attach the Ribbon

Cut your ribbon to the length you desire. Next, tie the two ends of the ribbon together in a knot and place the knot on the foam. Use floral pins to attache the ribbon to the foam.

attach ribbon with floral pins

Step 4: Cut your flowers

Cut off the stems of your flowers leaving an inch from the flower.

diy flower ball tutorial

Step 5: Assemble

Insert the flower into the wet foam until the foam is completely covered.

flower ball tutorial


This DIY tutorial can also be used for a centerpiece. All you need to do is skip the ribbon, and if you like greens you can add the filler of your choice.

flower ball centerpiece tutorial DIY guide

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