Fall Flower Bouquet

DIY Fall Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Fall Flower Bouquet

Orange you glad it’s fall? 🍂🧡

With the Autumn season in full bloom, we wanted to teach you how to make a gorgeous fall flower bouquet using classic roses, chic spider mums, and quirky eryngium. This bouquet is a perfect statement piece to add to any fall decor. We hope you fall in love with this DIY bouquet.

Here are the materials you will need:


Step 1: Trim and hydrate your flowers

Using flower cutters, trim the bottom of the flower stems to the desired length. Then, place the flowers in water for about 2-3 hours prior to arranging.

IMPORTANT: Leave the corrugated wrap on

PRO TIP:  Cut the flower stems at an angle, this allows the flowers to drink the maximum amount of water. If they appear to be slightly wilted, follow these steps to revive your beautiful blooms.



Step 2: Prepare your flowers

Start by removing the corrugated wrap and de-leafing the roses. 

PRO TIP: Removing leaves is a great trick for ensuring petals get the most hydration possible. Leaves tend to absorb a large amount of moisture that should be going to the petals of the flower instead.


Step 3: Arrange the Yellow and Orange Roses

Gently arrange the yellow rose and orange rose stems in the vase. Add an equal amount of both roses. They should fill up a quarter of the final bouquet.

Step 4: Add the Spider Mums

Add an eye-catching spider mums to the center or front of the bouquet. This flower will instantly draw attention to the bouquet.



Step 5: Add the Eryngium and finishing touches

Now is the time to add our statement piece, the eryngium. Make sure to place the eryngium throughout the bouquet, as this unique flower brings the arrangement together. 



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Happy Blooming!


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