Floral design: from rookie to expert

Floral design: from rookie to expert


Floral Design: from rookie to expert 

We all love flowers and we all enjoy having a beautiful floral arrangement, but when it comes to floral design we are not all experts. In fact, when we are trying to put one together we often hit some bumps; and what’s worse, sometimes we don’t even know where to start. But, there is no need to freak out just yet because we will be sharing with you some easy to follow tips from our experts to help you make a wonderful bouquet design.



Tip 1: Look for inspiration! 

Even the greatest and more creative artists look for inspiration, so start by doing this. Pinterest is a great forum to cultivate your creativity and garner new ideas. Looking for inspiration is an important, yet simple and enjoyable process in floral design. You could even combine ideas and add a unique and personal touch to create your own bouquet. There are countless flower arrangement ideas being shared, and so many places to look for them; so, let’s begin by nourishing your ideas to bring out the artist within you.



Tip 2: Be aware of the flower season… 

Take a quick look at the flowers you would like to include in your bouquet. Many flowers will be available all year round such as ranunculus, solomios, and so many others. However, take into account that some of the flowers you might want to use are season-specific, like the Alaskan peonies or the dahlias. Knowing the in-season products will help you obtain fresh flowers and take you one step further towards designing your flower arrangement



Tip 3: Choose a color scheme

Now that you know the in-season products available for your bouquet, choosing a color scheme is the final step. The flowers and their colors draw people’s attention and emotions, so coming up with a beautiful color pallet is important to make your floral arrangement a delightful one.  


Now you are all set and ready to order your favorite flowers and create your own bouquet. 

Don't forget to share your unique floral designs with us!

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