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Boo-st your Halloween decorations

It's not easy finding the right Halloween decor for your home, especially when you're short on time. Where do you start? What are some looks that work with your style? How do you choose between different pieces of furniture? If you're asking yourself these questions now, don't worry — we've got all the answers! We've put together a guide on everything from wreaths and pumpkin vases to easy Halloween decorations so you can relax and enjoy the holiday spirit. 


If you’re looking for a Halloween decoration that steals the show, this one is for you. Huge wreaths are trending this fall since they are so fun to make and you can get creative with them. But, we know Halloween wreaths can be hard to find so we recommend DIY. All you need to do is find a large wreath base and then get your favorite fall florals. Think light-colored leaves, pampas, grass, etc, and do not forget (obviously) mini skulls and spiders for the finishing touches. Or you can go simpler and opt for an all-black feathery wreath using just pampas and coloring them black. 

Dried Pampas Wreath

Painted Dried Florals 

One trend that’s going all in right now is using Pampas as the main character. And since it’s spooky season try painting your Pampas Black, Orange, or Purple the color you prefer the best for your floral decorations at home. It’s a lovely way to spruce up your Halloween decorations since it’s elegant and at the same time it's giving gothic vibes. 

You can also opt for Eucalyptus for a more traditional look. 

Dried Florals

Scary centerpieces

A fan favorite for many years is to decorate your home for the season with scary (but beautiful) centerpieces. Get your skulls and pumpkins ready, because these will be the vases of your glamorous and spooky centerpieces. The first thing you need to do is get a dollar store skull or pumpkin and paint it with your chosen color. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors such as purple, peach, or pink! We like a colorful color palette. Then, start cutting the top of the skull's head or the top of the pumpkin and start placing your chosen flowers. Voila, you have a stunning centerpiece, a little bit of spooky, and a whole lot of DIY.

Hallween Floral arrangement

Autumnal Bouquets

Halloween arrangements don't have to be always spooky, they can also be classy arrangements especially if you have a dinner party or a formal gathering. Try making a beautiful fall arrangement with Spider Mums, Roses, and colorful fillers such as Hypericum, Limonium, Solidago, and more. The options are endless. 

Autumn DIY Floral Arrangement

Hanging Broom with Dried Florals 

If you are looking for something kids will love and a super creative way to display your florals, this decorating inspiration is for you. Take an old wood broom (it needs to look like a witch's broom) or a wood stick you can find anywhere. Then, start arranging your florals around the wooden stick so it starts looking like the brush of the broom are the flowers. You need to use dried flowers since they do not need water to survive. The witch broom with flowers will give a playful eerie touch with little effort. Hang it on the wall to make a statement. 

Dried Florals for decorations

Halloween Mantel

The best decor for any holiday to add a little glitz and glamour is a mantel. A garland, candles, and lots of mini Halloween details like mini skulls or spider mums included in the mantel is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit without being too much. Plus, you’ll have an amazing time making it as creepier as you’d like, or leave the classic fall garland with brown and yellow tones. 

Whether you have a big party planned or just want to spruce up your house, there are so many options. We hope you like the guide on everything from wreaths and mantels to easy Halloween decorations.

Haloween floral arrangements


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