DIY Macrame Hanging Planter

Posted on 27 July 2016

diy macrame hanging planter

Brighten up a space with a dyed macrame hanging planter. Here we show how to do an easy macrame hanger using a variety of knots and a little bit of dye. This is a fun summer project that can be completed in two hours. We kept the colors a little muted on this version to be able to use indoors. Next time we will be sure to go all out with the dyes. As always share your comments and questions below and don't forget to send us pictures of your finished product!

Items you will need:

  • Potted Plant- We used a Golden Pothos. Shop our selection of hanging plants
  • Cotton Rope (150 ft.)
  • Metal Ring
  • Scissors
  • Hemp Rope (not pictured)
  • Fabric dye - Dye requires table salt (not pictured)
  • hot glue gun
  • Bucket of water

    To begin, hydrate your plants for several hours and follow our care and handling guide for hanging plants. Then, cut 8 pieces of rope all 6 yards in length and 2 pieces 1 yard in length. Put the rope through the ring, leaving ends even on both sides. At this point you should have 16 pieces of rope to play with. From here, you will start your first knot. To secure the rope to the ring we will gather the rope together and use our first piece 1 yard rope to create our "wrap" knot. See illustration below. 
    Once you have secured the rope to the ring with your wrap knot, you should have 16 strings in total. The best way to work on your planter is if you are able to hang the ring, so you can work with the tension. Separate the strands into 4 sections (4 strings for every section). 
    The most standard knot in macrame' is the square knot. We are only going to be using this knot for our planter today. Follow the steps in the picture to begin your first knot. Make sure you you switch sides after every knot. Continue this process until you reach a desired length.
    To create this effect you will be using the same square knot. You can also incorporate beads in this section (optional). Decide on your desired spacing and create 2 loosened square knots. Place your knot and tighten. Repeat this step with the same amount of space and continue your square knots. Once I reached my desired length I used hemp rope to end my square knots with a wrap knot.

    Divide you strands into 8 sections. This is where the netting process begins. Knot your 8 sections with a standard knot all at the same length, so that it looks like the second picture above. Begin to knot your second row, leaving out the two outside strands. Make sure to keep the same spacing throughout your knots. Knot the two outside strands together. Repeat this step twice or until you have reached your desired length. Finish and tighten your basket with a final wrap knot. Pull on the strands and tighten. From here, I decided I wanted to have my tassels at different lengths, so I cut and frayed the ends.

    Items you will need for dying:

    • Bucket
    • Table Salt
    • Dye
    • Cotton Rope Hanger
    • Glove (optional)
    Fill your bucket with a gallon of steaming hot water, 4 tablespoons of salt, and your dye. (If you're using another dye follow the directions on the packaging). To create the ombre effect, I let my ends sit in the dye for over 20 minutes. Every level I submerged for less and less time, until I reached the bottom of my wrap knot. Once your desired look is complete, rinse your planter under fresh cold water. Be sure to be careful when handling your planter, so that your dye does not get on to the un-dyed areas.

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