Patriotic Flower Crowns

Patriotic Flower Crowns


July 4th is one of our favorite holidays here at Bloomingmore. This year we are adding a new family tradition to our annual BBQ with bohemian chic flower crowns. This is a quick and easy project that is great for kids and teens alike. We chose to use classic roses and daisies but feel free to try it with carnations and smaller flowers such as baby's breath.

What you will need:

  • 1 filler (try ruscus or baby's breath)
  • 1 red flower (roses, carnations, and spider mums work great)
  • thin craft wire (we used 16 gauge straight wire)
  • ribbon of your choice
  • wire cutters
  • florist shears or sharp scissors to cut the flowers
  • hot glue gun


  1. Take the flowers and cut all the stems to 1 inch in length.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon about 4 feet long. It needs to be long enough to wrap around the head, tie into a bow and still have some streamers to hang down. I like to measure the circumference of the head with the ribbon first and mark the beginning and end of where the flowers should be and then add at least a foot extra on either side.
  3. Take a piece of wire and wrap the stem of your heaviest flowers. The wire adds some sturdiness to the floral crown and is especially important when using heavier flowers like the roses.
  4. Once the large flowers have been connected to the wire, wrap the ribbon around the wire to hide it.
  5. Take the smaller flowers and hot glue them to wire and ribbon base.
  6. For the finishing touch add fillers and greens between the flowers. Use more greens to get a more bohemian look.
  7. The last step is to tie the the ribbon around the end of the wire. This helps ensure the crown stays in place.


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