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Product of the Month: April - Alstroemeria

Alstroemerias Product Of The Month



       As we welcome the new year, Bloomingmore has designated an exclusive flower to epitomize the months of 2021. These flowers were carefully-crafted and picked based on the meanings and origins of each. The unique characteristics of these floral options earned them a spot on our list, we hope you feel the same! 


The product of April is Alstroemeria

       Alstroemeria is a fun and quirky take on floral design. These “wildflowers” draw attention with these gorgeous colors and unique stripes! These flowers are extremely versatile as they can be combined with other focal and filler flowers or arranged by themselves. We carry Alstroemeria in a variety of different colors from red, to yellow, to white. These flowers epitomize the beauty of individuality. 



       This flower’s name originates from the Carl Linnaeus Binomial System. Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist who created a new classification system for flowers and plants. The binomial system creates a clear and concise order for floral names. The first name comes from the genus, and the second name is the name of the species. Therefore, the formal title of this gorgeous flower is Alstroemeria Aurantiaca.


The Colors of Alstroemeria:

Hot Pink

  • These symbolize admiration and attraction. 
  • These symbolize awakening and passion. 
    • These symbolize budding romance and sweet/soft feelings. 
      • These symbolize elegance and devotion. 
        • These symbolize love and faithfulness.
          • These symbolize spirituality and purity.
            • These symbolize joy and optimism. 
              Assorted Colors


                Fun Facts about Alstroemeria:

                • Alstroemeria is also known as the Lily of the Incas or the Peruvian Lily
                • Not all Alstroemeria flowers have the stripes
                • Their leaves grow upside down! 
                • Alstroemeria is available year-round for floral design 
                • Alstroemeria blooms in all hues except blue and green
                • Alstroemeria is known as the friendship flower
                • Alstroemeria are native to Peru, Chile, and Brazil
                • Alstroemeria, if properly cared for, can have a vase-life of up to two weeks!
                • Alstroemeria is symbolic of prosperity, fortune, and wealth. 


                Did you know?

                • These flowers have no fragrance! So, they are perfect for those with allergies.

                 Assorted Colors Alstroemerias


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