Product of the Month: December - Ruscus

Product of the Month: December - Ruscus

As we finish the year, Bloomingmore has designated an exclusive flower to epitomize the months of 2021. These flowers were carefully crafted and picked based on the meanings and origins of each. The unique characteristics of these floral options earned them a spot on our list, we hope you feel the same! 

The product of December is Ruscus

Have you been busy looking for ways to deck those halls for Christmas? We've got the perfect solution for you! Ruscus is a staple and a must at this wonderful time of the year. These beautiful greens are extremely versatile as they can be combined with other focal and filler flowers or arranged by themselves. Wreaths, garlands and table centerpieces are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ruscus' incredibly magical decorations. And, of course, these greens will not only spruce up your decor but also get you into the Christmas state of mind. 

If you're like us, then you like to bring the Christmas spirit into every room possible in the house, even outside the house too. That's why we've gathered plenty of ideas on how to use this beautiful fresh greenery into each room of your house. Let's deck those halls, y’all! 

The Perfect Table Centerpiece

First of all, we need to talk about the dining room. This is where most of the magic happens at Christmas time. Family gathers around the fresh baked cookies and impatiently waits to unwrap those much awaited gifts so it must be a table you'll want to sit on and enjoy the night with your loved ones. To make the perfect table centerpiece just scatter fresh Ruscus and votives of different sizes on the table and to finish it up, you can add small vases filled with loose greenery

Living Room Decor

Make your living room the centre of everyone's attention with our amazing garlands. Choose unexpected colors that work with the room and vary where you settle them. If you have a big window, don't be afraid to hang a stunning garland to frame your space. Or, if you're looking for a modern spin on traditional decorations, try setting your greenery around a mirror, it looks lovely. 

Also, don't forget to decorate your go-to Christmas statues like those big reindeers! You can always add more greenery (always!) to them, around their necks and hang ornaments on their antlers too! You can choose garlands to do these, or even wreaths and it looks just as beautiful.

The Welcoming Area

Lets not forget the welcoming area, it's the first step to achieve a festive atmosphere. Make a playful statement with a colorful wreath at your door and a  Ruscus garland-draped at the entrance. Our Christmas Wreath and Garland Combos are perfect for this option and it will definitely set that incredibly magical front door scene. And, when it comes to Christmas the more the merrier so you can always adorn the entryway in a jolly way by adding a mix of garlands with beautiful sparkly lights.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Don't let the inside of the house have all the holiday fun. This is the time to get creative with your outdoor decor and try many different designs as you'd like. For a fun idea, use three wreaths to get a cool snowman. All you need to do is arrange the 3 of them vertically, one is the head, one the body, and one for the feet. Display it on your porch and we'll assure you your neighbors will be jealous of your Christmas decorations.

Don't forget that our deep green Ruscus also makes for an exquisite gift for a loved one that can be enjoyed for months to come and it will definitely put a smile on their face. 

Use the code JOYFULXMAS to get a 10% discount on our December specials Ruscus, Wreaths, Calla Lilies and Hypericum, and get all those jolly decorations started! 

Tag us @bloomingmore for us to see your creations!

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