Product of the Month: May - Tropicals

Product of the Month: May - Tropicals

       As we welcome the new year, Bloomingmore has designated an exclusive flower to epitomize the months of 2021. These flowers were carefully-crafted and picked based on the meanings and origins of each. The unique characteristics of these floral options earned them a spot on our list, we hope you feel the same! 

The product of May is Tropicals 

       Tropical flowers never fail to elicit a sigh of awe. Inside this collection, you can find amazing and rare beauties that come in an abundance of different shapes, colors, and sizes. These flowers and greens are essential if you're looking for a unique, eye-catching, and vibrant floral design. Having these blooms in your home, office, or event will immediately transport you to paradise.

The Tropical Collection

       Now, we don't like to demonstrate favoritism, but gosh, this collection is hard to beat! It's the combination of the vibrant red, pink, and orange colors all around our Heliconias, combined with our Jade Palm or Monstera Leaves that's just a match made in heaven. Each one of our tropical flowers and greenery creates a stunning, peaceful, and relaxed ambiance. 

Fun Facts about some of our Tropicals:

  • Monstera Deliciosa* has fruit and it actually tastes great! It tastes like a combination of strawberries, mango, and passion fruit. 
  • The holes in the Monstera leaves exist for a reason. The holes are developed to withstand heavy rainfall and wind since they let the elements go through the openings.
  • The stems of the Torch Ginger* flowers can be chopped up and added to curries or soups.
  • Musa has around 70 species with a wide variety of uses. 

  **Our blooms are not for human consumption. 


Before you take our Tropical beauties home we want to give you some helpful tips for the care and handling of these blooms. Although tropical flowers are easy to take care of, always remember to:

  • Keep them between 55-75°F or 12-23°C, never place them in coolers.
  • They need a LOT of water, so try to hydrate them constantly.
  • Cut the tip of the stems to facilitate hydration and water absorption.
  • Spray your flowers with water once a day to ensure long vase life.
  • Don't remove the rubber band of our bouquets. If you remove the rubber band the bouquet will lose its shape.

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