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Product of the Month: November- Dried Florals

November Blog: Dried Florals

As we welcome the new year, Bloomingmore has designated an exclusive flower to epitomize the months of 2021. These flowers were carefully crafted and picked based on the meanings and origins of each. The unique characteristics of these floral options earned them a spot on our list, we hope you feel the same! 

The product of November is Dried Florals

Our favorite season to use Dried Florals is fall! Their beauty, colors, texture, and scent are just some of the reasons dried flowers have us hooked. Airy and chic, these beauties will impress your dinner guests, family, and friends for sure! 
We are excited to share all about using Dried Florals as decor! It's such a great way to bring the beauty of nature into your home no matter where you live. Plus, these will make sure your fall season is off to a great start! Here, we'll take you through different ideas and inspiration set-ups to help you create your own show-stopping arrangements at home. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention the fact that they last a really long time?

These beauties will last you all fall and winter (and most of the time next winter too!) This also means that you can rearrange your dried flowers into different arrangements whenever you feel like it. As long as you keep them away from the sun, avoid getting them smashed, and store them safely they will definitely last for years. Dried florals are the perfect combination of the look of real stems, greenery, and the longevity of faux! 
Remember that fall decor doesn't have to be all oranges and purples! It's perfect because you can find them in many different colors and tones. Yes, you can find them in hot pink, golden yellow, and purple just like in our Dried Assorted Roses. But also in a more neutral and natural approach just like our Dried Quinoa or Dried Pampas. This is the time to get creative with your floral arrangements and try many different designs as you'd like. 
We love Dried Sigchan - it adds texture and its delicate tiny flowers fill spaces helping to show off all the flowers in the arrangement. There's always room for a decorative filler that makes the rest of the flowers really stand out. Combine these beauties with focal flowers like Dried Roses or Dried Carnations for sleek vibes.
For a minimal look, we like to keep it simple but this doesn't mean it's boring! The perfect dried flower for a minimal and modern look is our Premium Dried Pampas. Their beautiful, soft, and feathery looks add drama and style to any room.
On the other hand, if you're looking to go full maximalist and trendier look try arranging many different dried flowers with the same tones. Mix textures, shapes, and sizes to make a statement. For a complete DIY on this idea, check our Instagram to get all the materials and steps for you to recreate in your home.
Don't forget that if it's time to change up your arrangement you can reuse these sprigs and blooms in many different ways, from a ribbon of a present or affixed on a card. They look lovely.
Use the code FALLYALL to get a 10% discount on our November specials Dried Florals, Eternal Dry Bouquets, Eucalyptus and Hydrangeas, and get all those fall centerpieces started! 
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Dried Florals
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