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Product of the Month: September - Lilies

As we welcome the new year, Bloomingmore has designated an exclusive flower to epitomize the months of 2021. These flowers were carefully crafted and picked based on the meanings and origins of each. The unique characteristics of these floral options earned them a spot on our list, we hope you feel the same! 

The product of September is Lilies

If you're looking for a nontraditional bloom for your fall arrangements, Lilies are the perfect option for you! With shiny and showy blooms, Lilies have cemented themselves as one of the most loved flowers by florists, gardeners, and flower-lovers everywhere. Lilies are adored far and wide not only because of their aesthetic value but because of their lovely aroma.  

There is a multitude of Lilies out there, so it can be hard to choose which one you want for your special day. Lucky for you, your floral friends here at Bloomingmore are ready to give you some arrangement ideas! These design options are so versatile that you can use them at all special occasions and events. Without a doubt, Lilies and their fiery hues are irresistible. 

Here are some of our favorite options for a fall Lily Bouquet!

Lilies and Garden Roses

Just imagine... Yellow Calla Lilies surrounded by complementary orange Garden Roses. A perfect color palette for a romantic fall evening. Additionally, you can add some greenery around the focal flowers to highlight their vibrancy.

Lilies, Mums, Dahlias, and Hypericum

If you're looking to dazzle your guests with an arrangement full of color, Lilies are your best friend! You can pair the bloom with Mums, Dahlias, and Hypericum for some additional texture and volume. Trust us, you will fall in love with this combination. Each flower compliments the other perfectly, but Lilies remain the star of the show.

Lilies and Anemones

The mystical nature of a black Calla Lily is heightened when paired with an Anemone. The twin dark hues of the Lily and center of the Anemone is a match made in heaven. This autumnal masterpiece adds elegance to any event and its uniqueness will have your guests admiring their beauty. 

Lilies and Statice

Mix it up with bright fall color Lilies and purple Statice. The addition of Statice instantly elevates an arrangement, as it creates color contrast.

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