How to make the perfect tropical flower arrangment

Posted on 01 February 2017

We at Bloomingmore love flowers but not all of us are professionally trained florists, so this week our in-house florist showed us how to make an easy, seasonal arrangement perfect for a summer BBQ or casual beach wedding. This tutorial explains how to make a medium size arrangement that fits in your hand. Feel free to add or subtract flowers depending on the size of your table or vase.

About Spider Mums

Spider Mums (aka Anastasia Flowers) are the largest member in the hardy chrysanthemum family and boast the best traits of mums - they can last several weeks when bought directly from the farm. We love Spider Mums because they make for a great economical alternative to other flowers their size. Take a look at Bloomingmore’s wide variety of spider mums.

We suggest mixing two colors of spider mums and using a green or two. Feel free to explore your own combinations - with fresh flowers, there is no way to go wrong!

What You’ll Need:

7 stems of spider mums in color A natural green spider mum, wholesale chrysanthemums 7 stems of spider mums in color A white spider mum, wholesale mums 4 stems of a green or mix of greens wholesale ruscus

    Step 1: Hydrate your flowers

    Let your flowers hydrate several hours before creating your floral arrangement

    Step 2: Add your flowers

    Cross two stems of alternating colors in the palm of your hand three inches below the base of the flower head. Continue adding stems of alternating colors following this crossing pattern.

    DIY Tutorial for making a flower bouquet

    Step 3: Tape your flowers

    Your flowers should begin to form a nice half sphere. Adjust any flower that is too high or too low. Once your arrangement has a nice uniform look, you may add a piece of floral tape to keep them in place.

    DIY Tutorial for making a flower bouquet

    Step 4: Add the greens!

    Add a hallow of greens around your arrangement. Fix them with tape or ribbon.  

    DIY Tutorial for making a flower bouquet

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    Happy Blooming!


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