Romantic Leafy Bouquet Tutorial

Posted on 01 October 2016

 DIY tutorial leavy greensdiy tutorial for no flower arrangmentdiy tutorial for no flower arrangment

Leafy greens are "in" and we couldn't be more excited! Skipping traditional flowers is a great option for budget-conscious event planners and interior designers. In this tutorial we show you how to arrange an impressive bouquet without flowers that can bring elegance and style to any event or space. The best part is that these bouquets can last several weeks, even months if you regularly change the water and snip the stems.
For brides on a budget we hope to show that your wedding flowers don’t have to cost a fortune. Take this tutorial as a primer and then continue exploring new designs. Remember there is no "right way" to arrange centerpieces and bouquets so have some fun!

Items you will need:


wholesale natural flax



wholesale viburnum

Ruscuswholesale ruscusSHOP

wholesale eucalyptus

Your choice of Ribbon

silver ribbon

    Step 1: Hydrate

    Hydrate your flowers several hours before arranging for the healthiest appearance.

    Step 2: Flax

    We begin with looping three stems of Flax in one hand.

    DIY tutorial leafy greens

    Step 3: Pittosporum

    Add two stems of Pittosporum to add body to the arrangement.

    DIY tutorial leafy greens


    Step 4: Viburnum

    Add one stem of Viburnum.

    DIY tutorial leafy greens

    Step 5: Ruscus

    Add four stems of Ruscus. We used two stems of Red Ruscus to add a touch of color. Explore our wide variety of colored Ruscus here.

     DIY tutorial leafy greens

    Step 6: Eucalyptus

    Add three stems of Eucalyptus.

    DIY tutorial leafy greens

    Step 7: Tie the Ribbon

    Finish the arrangement by tying a piece of ribbon around the base of the arrangement.

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