Roses are the flower of choice to symbolize love and passion for their elegance, fragrance and beauty. For this reason, roses are a favorite especially on Valentine’s Day as well as weddings and anniversaries.  However, the exact meaning of a rose all depends on the color you choose. Roses come in over a 100 different varieties of colors and hues, each which emit a distinctly different message according to its color. In this blog we explain the meaning behind each color in order to pick the perfect gift for your special person.  

 shades of pink roses


Red Roses for the passionate romance

As a symbol of love, passion, and desire, red roses are the most popular among lovers because they express the deepest feelings of the heart. A beautiful bouquet of red roses is the perfect gift to reignite passion and express the intensity of your love.

premium red roses        large bouquet of red roses


Pink Rosesfor the blossoming romance

Usually associated with feelings of kindness, tenderness, friendship and innocent romance, a gift of pink roses is a safe gift for someone who does not want to give off sexual connotations. Soft pink roses are ideal for a relationship that is beginning to emerge while darker pink expresses gratitude and appreciation.

pink roselarge bouquet of pink roses            


White Rosesfor the eternal love

White is the color of purity, truth, reverence and eternal love. With white roses, you will be transmitting that you expect a solid future with your partner. In addition, they show a pure, happy and lifelong love and for this reason white roses have become the go-to wedding flower.

white rose       large bouquet of white roses


Orange Rosesfor positive vibes

Orange is the color for an extroverted, playful friendship full of adventure. This is the right flower for you if you are looking to give a gift of strength, energy and joy. Send a bouquet of orange roses to a friend or lover who you’d like to give extra positive vibes.

 orange roselarge bouquet of orange roses


Yellow Rosesfor the happy couple

Until recently, yellow roses were given during times of sickness or grief to cheer loved ones up. However, the have come into fashion especially in spring weddings and are now a symbol of joy and delight. A bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect gift to show appreciation without the romantic subtext of the other roses mentioned above. Yellow roses make the perfect gift for colleagues, teachers and neighbors.

 yellow roselarge bouquet of yellow roses


No matter what color you choose, the important thing is to show your loved ones the gratitude you have for them. And of course do not limit yourself to just roses - explore other premium flowers and surprise your loved one with a one-of-a-kind gift!


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Happy Blooming!


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