The Perfect Flower Headpiece: Step-by-Step

Posted on 09 January 2017

This natural flower headpiece is a trend that is sure to become a staple bridal detail in 2017. Flower headpieces and combs have become the preferred alternative to a hipster flower crown and a traditional crystal comb. Thanks to the wide variety of elegant fresh flowers available on Bloomingmore, you can now create cost-effective and custom head combs for your entire bridal party that will perfectly compliment the style and decoration of your wedding.

In this guide we show you step-by-step instructions on how to create a beautiful, personalized flower comb to compliment your bridal look. Flower headpieces are ideal for outdoor venues and will instantly dress-up any simple braid.



              Light Pink Rose + Hot Pink Rose + Ruscus     Button Pompoms and Eucalyptus

What You’ll Need:

Perhaps the most difficult part of designing a fresh flower headpiece is determining which flowers you should use. We recommend 3 large flowers or 10 small flowers plus a complimentary green such as Ruscus or Eucalyptus. We also recommend using copious flowers like Roses or Carnations, accompanied by Ruscus or Baby's Breath for a more bohemian-style look.



Step 1: Hydrate your flowers

When your flowers arrive, hydrate for several hours prior to crafting your hair comb.

Step 2: Create mini bouquets

Then cut your flowers and greens approximately 1 inch below the base of the flower and bind them together with florist tape to create several mini bouquets. The amount of mini bouquets you will need varies on the size of your comb as well as how large you want the headpiece to be.  



Step 3: Fix the bouquets to the comb

Fix the bouquets to the comb using florist tape or fishing nylon. And that's it, you've got your very own flower hair comb! Because fresh flowers need water, we recommend making your hair comb the morning of your event. You can expect your flowers to last up to 1-2 days without water if they are bought fresh and shipped directly from the farm.



This is a really easy project with beautiful results. As always, we are more than happy to advise you as to which flowers are best for your event or project according to the style and the season in which you will hold your wedding.


We love to hear from you! Share your comments and pictures below or on social media! #Bloomingmore

Happy Blooming!


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