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Top 10 Flowers for Early Autumn


Early autumn is a wonderful time of year, as more colors and vibrancy come into bloom. This also marks an end to the warmer months, with comfortable temperatures and less humidity. If you are looking to make your home feel more festive, it's best to add some fall accents during this time of year. Since there are so many different flowers available this season, it can be difficult knowing which type will work best in your home. To help you decide, here is a list of the top 10 best flowers for early autumn.


Burgundy Anastasia Spider Mums Fall Flowers


1. Chrysanthemums

Also referred to as mums, these beauties are the season’s most popular blossom. With lovely colors, many textures and styles, mums are the perfect choice for your decorations this fall. They feature in almost every color so you can get as creative as you want. Plus, they give you the freedom to combine with other flowers and greenery to achieve a spectacular effect. 

Here are some varieties of mums to spark your creativity this season: Pompom Daisies, Pompom Daisy Mums, Button Pompom Mums, Pompom Cushions, Cremon Mums, Football Mums, and Anastasia Spider Mums.


Mustard Anastasia Spider Mums Fall Flowers


2. Dried Flowers

Dried Florals have gained immense popularity over the past few years. According to Julie Banner, a lifestyle blogger, dried flowers can add a lot of beauty without a lot of fuss. And for us, Dried Flowers have definitely become one of our go-to’s for fall. Not only do they add texture, color, and different shapes to any floral bouquet but also they can last up to 2 years if taken care of properly. Display a mix of these beauties in a coordinating vase to add charm and warmth to any room.

Also, make sure to check out our Eternal Dry Bouquets if you want something ready to decorate with.


Dried Florals for Fall


3. Gerberas

Colorful and energetic, Gerberas are one of our favorites when it comes to early autumn decorations. If you’re looking to explore new, creative and different ways to decorate your home this season these beauties are it. With a wide array of color options, from deep red to bright yellow to orange they are perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration arrangement or even a bright Halloween floral decor for your themed party. And, if you want to mix the Gerberas with other flowers, it’s perfect because they are very friendly to other flowers such as the Sunflowers, Mini Callas, or any greenery.


4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are popular in any season since they are available all year round. Although, we really love their fluffy petals and bright colors for the season. So, this year try spicing up your arrangements with popular fall colored Hydrangeas and watch your home take on a warm and cozy ambiance.

Explore our classic natural hydrangeas for traditional arrangements and tinted hydrangeas for a unique look.


Hydrangeas Fall Flowers


5. Hypericum

Hypericum is a must for fall floral arrangements. The design options are endless and they complement any decoration. With warm colors of yellow, burgundy, and pink you can easily associate these small berry-like flowers with this season. And, after you try them you might want to include them in all of your decorations because they are a terrific way to create a different yet stylish look.


6. Ruscus

Add cozy autumnal touches all over your events with Ruscus. This simple addition to your arrangements will give a fresh and modern look to your decor, plus give it texture and style. And, don't let its delicate leaves fool you- Ruscus is a hardy green that is perfect for installations.

Check out our wide range of colors perfect for the season here.


7. Sunflowers

Large and showy, Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers for autumn. They are perfect for all types of arrangements from centerpieces to table decorations. These are the best flowers to create truly unique and striking floral designs. You can array them with other fall-favorites such as Mums and Gerberas, or you can make them the star of the show and arrange them on their own.

Sunflowers for Fall Arrangements


8. Limonium

Limonium A.K.A Sea Lavender has tiny and delicate flowers on many-branched stems which makes them really voluminous blooms. These flowers come in a variety of colors and can be used as a creative filler to add an eye-catching look with volume and texture to any flower arrangement. It is a wonderful addition to any autumn floral design.

Check out the whole collection here.


Limonium Fall Decorations

9. Solidago

If you want to add a little sparkle to your home decorating this fall. Solidago is a perfect choice. Also called goldenrods, this filler can pair beautifully with other blooms or look equally beautiful alone. Pair them with sunflowers for a bright arrangement, or mix in with white daisy poms for a more toned-down yet flirty bouquet. The possibilities are endless with these, and if you want to stand out, mix them with assorted colored flowers such as Scabiosas


10. Alstroemeria

Greet guests with bright-hued Alstroemerias! With a pretty exotic look, this flower is interesting enough to stand on its own or can be the perfect filler to your fall arrangement. Try mixing colors such as yellow, red, and orange for the perfect warm and cozy look you want for the season.

We hope you liked our top 10 flowers for the early autumn blog, let us know which one is your favorite. Since autumn is around the corner, use code DAZZLINGFALL to get 10% OFF our Fall Collection Flowers! 

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