• Christmas Let Freedom Ring Wreath  


Christmas Let Freedom Ring Wreath  


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This wreath is one of our favorites, since Bloomingmore takes great pride in being a part of the United States and we have many veterans amongst our families. This wreath was inspired by the WreathAcrossAmerica.org, which was a project started by Morrill Worcester in 1992. He knew that because of those amazing Veterans, we have the freedom we enjoy today. This wreath features 9 pinecones, bunches of red festive crab apples, winterberries, natural silvery reindeer moss, three large bells and of course 2 American flags and a red six loop bow. This holiday represent the USA with this beautiful wreath.

  • Made in Maine
  • 4 lbs of fresh fragrant balsam fir
  • Place your fresh wreath away from heat sources that can dry it out prematurely
  • Spritz daily to ensure that the wreath stays hydrated.
  • Have more questions? Please chat with our floral expert.


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