• Christmas Twinkle 18" Tabletop Tree  


Christmas Twinkle 18" Tabletop Tree  


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If you are trying to have the holiday spirit with a small space then this is the tree for you! Small enough to fit in an office space, dorm room, small apartment, night stand or anywhere your jolly heart desires. This 18” tabletop tree is gorgeous and adds an amazing aroma to any room. It is made with fresh balsam greens, featuring real pinecones, faux holly berries, a red bow. This tree also has the wonderful sparkle of the white holiday lights that are intertwined. You can enjoy this tree for the entire holiday season with the proper care and handling, just make sure you water the floral foam located in the center. A perfect gift for a college student, grandparents, or just to decorate for the season.

  • Made in Maine.
  • Approximately 18" tall
  • Beautiful white holiday lights perfectly placed on the classic 18" tabletop tree.
  • Place your fresh tree away from heat sources that can dry it out prematurely.
  • Water daily to ensure that the tree stays hydrated.
  • Have more questions? Please chat with our floral expert.


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