• Classic Centerpiece / Cinnamon Spice Wreath


Classic Centerpiece / Cinnamon Spice Wreath


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This traditional centerpiece and wreath combination is perfect for your holiday gathering. This Classic Centerpiece comes in a stackable, beautiful box and is made of cedar, Noble Fir, Blue Berried Juniper and is accented with painted pinecones. It features a red tapered candle and an interlocking, beautiful box. Our charming Cinnamon Spice Wreath will bring a rustic, farmhouse feels to any home this holiday season. The fresh aroma of Pacific Northwest Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar, and variegated Oregonia spiced up with bundles of cinnamon sticks, crimson berries, and clusters of Ponderosa Pinecones. You can keep this freshly scented centerpiece and cinnamon-spiced wreath for yourself or give to a friend or loved one


Contains:  1 Classic Centerpiece and 1 Cinnamon Spice Wreath
Cinnamon Spice Wreath Approximately: 24 inches outside diameter
Availability:  November & December
Suggested Delivery: 1 – 2 days prior to the event
Vase Life:  Approximately 1 – 2 weeks if care and handling are followed.
Shipped from the USA


Classic Centerpiece Consists of:

Noble Fir
Blue Berried Juniper
Painted Pinecone
Red Taper Candle
Stackable, Interlocking Box


Cinnamon Spice Wreath Consists of:

Pacific Northwest Noble Fir
Western Red Cedar
Variegated Oregonia
Cinnamon Sticks
Crimson Berries
Ponderosa Pinecones


Care and Handling:

Keep Oasis foam wet.
Mist daily with water.
Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.




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