• D.C.D. CLEANER,1 gallon 6/CS US label


D.C.D. CLEANER,1 gallon 6/CS US label


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Keep it clean with our D.C.D. Cleaner. Use this cleaner to disinfect, clean, and deodorize flower buckets, vases, containers, tools, work surfaces

    • Disinfects and reduces bacterial growth which harms flower stem vase life. • Multiple use areas – coolers, tools, containers, work surfaces, and shipping areas. • Lasts longer – it doesn’t quickly break down or evaporate like bleach. Creates a protective coating that keeps on working over many days. • Pleasant citrus scent, not overpowering odor like chlorine bleach. • Concentrated product. • No rinsing – no need to rinse out buckets with water after cleaning. • Saves on cleaning time, as the combination of effective ingredients is longer lasting than bleach. • 1 gallon jug, 6 per case


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