• Peace Lily 8 inch
  • Peace Lily 8 inch


Peace Lily 8 inch


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Peace Lilies or commonly known Spathiphyllum are one of the most common houseplants because they are easy to grow. They are a tropical, evergreen plant that thrives on the forest floor, where they receive dappled sunlight and consistent moisture.  With enough light, Peace Lilies may produce white to off-white flowers regularly.   The plant does not need large amounts of light or water to survive.  Peace Lilies are always the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Care and Handling: 

  1. Regular watering, allowing the soil to slightly dry between watering. Avoid over saturating the soil. 
  2. Medium to low light, avoid bright or direct sunlight. 
  3. Maintain between 60-90F.
  4. Apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer at 1/2 strength once every other month during warm growing months.


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