How to Turn Everyday Fruits and Vegetables into Vases

Posted on 16 September 2019

By:  Ravin Cawthon

Fall is decidedly all about time with friends and family. From throwing Halloween parties to having the family over for Thanksgiving, food is definitely top of mind this time of year. But you can’t forget about festive decorations! And what better way to celebrate than with… food?! Here’s a way to turn your everyday fruits and vegetables into multiple gorgeous vases or centerpieces.


 – produce (pineapples, watermelon, pumpkin-squash, etc)

– bowl

– cutting board 

– scissors

– sharp knife

– flowers

– corer or spoon 

 After you have all the supplies make sure to wash and dry your produce.

For some of your picked produce, you may have to cut off a small piece at the bottom to make it stable. Next, cut off the top and get ready to gut the inside of your chosen produce.

Then you can either use your hands or use a spoon to empty out the guts of the item. You may need to use a knife to loosen the filling.

Now repeat with the rest of your fruits and veggies.

After you've finished with your products, grab your flowers and trim the stems to fit your vase.

Now that you've got your flowers, vases and centerpieces, it's time to fill em’ up. We used Bloomingmore bouquets. You can get these same bouquet for a great price at ‘’. 

Assemble everything the way you want it, and Enjoy. 

These are perfect for Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and just about any fall gathering .


Watch the full video here:


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