The ranunculus always draws a crowd because bright colors are always a crowd pleaser. Commonly known as the “buttercup”, the ranunculus is a large genus that contains over 600 varieties. The most common species, the Persian ranunculus, are made of layers of paper-thin petals ranging in color from soft whites, pinks, and yellows to fiery oranges and reds. The name ranunculus comes from two Latin words. Rana meaning ‘frog’ and unculus meaning ‘little’. It is assumed this name was fitting because they grew along streams and were as prevalent as frogs in the springtime. The ranunculus flower symbolizes love and attraction for one another and is a very popular centerpiece of modern-day bridal bouquets. 

Fun Facts 

 There are two legends of the ranunculus flower. The Persian legend states that a young prince who always wore green and gold (much like the yellow ranunculus) fell in love with a nymph and sang to her all day and all night. The nymph became so tired of listening to the prince sing, that she turned the prince into a buttercup flower.

Traditionally, Native Americans used dried petals to create a compound to treat sore muscles and joints.

 The ranunculus is also known for being a long lasting cut flower. Without any special food or care, they will stay fresh up to 7 days after being cut – perfect for a luxury bouquet fan! 

We love finding out random facts about the each of our flowers and giving you guys tidbits of information on our site. We believe that learning the different meanings of the flowers can play a part in your decision; you might want to express certain sentiments through the "language of flowers".

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