How to Care for your Blooms

Your flowers will arrive to you directly from the farm in bud form in order to protect delicate petals during shipping. Taking care of your flowers is all about keeping them hydrated and out of direct sunlight for extended periods. Your flowers will be thirsty after their long trip so make sure to follow these three easy steps to ensure your flowers fully bloom and remain fresh for the lifespan of the flower. 


  • Fill clean vase(s) with 4 inches of clean, cool water. 


  • With sharp scissors or a knife, cut the stems at an angle about 1 inch from the bottom. This will re-open the channels within the stem and allow the flowers to absorb water.
  • Remove all leaves on the stems that may touch the water in the vase. Leaves can create bacteria, and should never touch the water. 


    • Place your flowers in the prepared vase(s) and allow the flowers about 6 hours to re-hydrate (hydrangeas need up to 12 hours).
    • Check the water levels frequently and refresh your flowers with clean water every 2 days. 



      Keep the carton sleeve on your roses for the first 4 hours of re-hydration. Roses are shipped with their GUARD PETALS for extra protection. These petals may appear brownish but can be carefully removed after being re-hydrated to reveal your picture perfect rose. 


      Hydrangeas are very thirsty flowers. If the blooms still appear droopy after re- hydration, you may submerge the flower in water for a few seconds to give it the boost it needs (painted hydrangeas cannot be submerged in water). Lightly shake off the water from the flower and cut 2 cm off of the stem at a diagonal before returning the flowers to their base. 

      Asiatic and Oriental Lilies.

      Lilies are shipped when the blooms are still closed and need up to 4 days to fully open. Once they begin to open up, gently remove the pollen sacks in each flower to prevent the pollen from staining your surfaces. Please be very careful as lily pollen can stain furniture and clothing.

      Baby's Breath (Gypsophila).

      Baby's Breath will keep fresh for a couple of weeks with the proper care and handling. Keep your flowers hydrated but make sure not to wet the blooms. Wet blooms will cause your Baby's Breath to wilt extremely early. 

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