Anemone's are gorgeous wildflowers that typically grow many European countries, in North America, and Japan. They belong to the Perennial plant family and are often confused with the sea anemones ( sea creatures ). These pretty flowers come in shades of reds, yellows, purples, whites, and blues. These vibrant flowers are perfect for weddings, baby showers, or other events due to the many different color options. 

Fun Facts :

  • The Greek philosopher Theophrastus gave this flower its name.
  • In the language of flowers, anemone means fragile.
  • The word 'anemone' means daughter of the wind in Greek. Thus, the anemone is also called the 'windflower'.
We love finding out random facts about the each of our flowers and giving you guys tidbits of information on our site. We believe that learning the different meanings of the flowers can play a part in your decision; you might want to express certain sentiments through the "language of flowers".
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    Anemones Panda

    From $184.00 - $369.00

    Anemones Assorted,

    From $94.00 - $369.00

    Anemones Red

    From $184.00 - $369.00

    Anemones Light Pink

    From $184.00 - $369.00

    Anemones Fucsia

    From $184.00 - $369.00

    Anemones Coral

    From $184.00 - $369.00

    Anemones Blue

    From $184.00 - $369.00

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