• Blueberry Painted Hydrangeas
  • Blueberry Painted Hydrangeas
  • Blueberry Painted Hydrangeas
  • Blueberry Painted Hydrangeas
  • Blueberry Painted Hydrangeas


Blueberry Painted Hydrangeas


Stems per Box
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Hydrangeas are a flowering plant or shrub that originated in Eastern Asia. It is also known as Hortensia or Grandmother's Flower. Its flowers naturally come in blue, green, pink, red, and white. Hydrangeas can also be tinted and/or painted.

These hydrangeas are painted a brilliant shade of blueberry, offering the possibilities to create fabulous centerpieces, bouquets, or any floral decor. This shade is perfect for baby showers, themed birthday parties, and other special occasions.

All of our hydrangeas are sustainably grown in Ecuador and Colombia and arrive with detailed care guides.


Each box contains:

Painted Hydrangea Stems

Stem Length (Approximation): 60 cm/23.6 in

Bloom size: (Approximation when fully hydrated) 18 cm/ 7.1 in

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Cut and shipped directly from our farm upon order

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Note. Please allow for small discrepancies in the color hue due to differences in monitor resolution and subtle climatic changes during the growing season.


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Care and Handling:

Remember these flowers are cut and shipped directly from our farm, so it is normal for our flowers to appear thirsty or dehydrated when they first arrive. Please have someone available to receive and process your flowers on the delivery date you have chosen. 

When the hydrangeas arrive, please remove all the plastic wrap around the flower and blooms and the water bag. 

Since these hydrangeas are painted, do NOT submerge their heads underwater as this will affect their brilliance as well as allow the color to bleed and possibly transfer their color to other objects. 

Next, cut approximately 1/2" off each stem at a 90-degree angle and immediately place them into a clean bucket with fresh, clean, cold water.

Store your flowers in a very cool place until you are ready to make your flower arrangements.

Once you are ready to arrange your hydrangeas, recut each stem diagonally to the desired length, arrange in a vase with fresh, clean, cold water. 

Hydrangeas are very thirsty flowers and drink large amounts of water. Please make sure to keep plenty of water in the containers.

Every three days or as needed, you will need to re-cut the stems and change the water to prolong the vase life of your hydrangea. You can expect your blooms to last an average of 7-12 days. If you experience dark fading petals, simply remove them. The dark spots are completely normal and can easily be removed without damage to the hydrangea.


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