DIY Floral Ice Cubes

Posted on 22 August 2016

We're sending summer off in style with this cute, simple and cheap DIY project. Don't let the death of your blooms get you down. One thing we're good at at Bloomingmore is stretching out the life span of our farm fresh flowers. From potpourri to ice cubes, we plan to try it all! #longliveourblooms

We used:

  • FOOD COLORING (Optional)


We cut all the hydrated flowers off the stems and filled up our trays. In some cubes we only used petals and flower heads. In others, we used the whole flower, using multiples if they fit. Once all our trays were filled with flowers we carefully filled them with water using a pitcher. For variance and a pop of extra color we added food coloring to a few cubes. Carefully place your trays in the freezer and let it work its magic! In just a few hours you'll have blooming cubes ready to add a pop of color to your beverage bar at your next event!



Check out how we used our cubes to send off #Summer2016 and to kick off the kids #Backtoschool!



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