DIY Hydrangea Centerpiece + Bouquet

DIY Hydrangea Centerpiece + Bouquet

DIY Hydrangea Centerpiece + Bouquet Tutorial

Hydrangeas are a fan favorite amongst floral enthusiasts everywhere. These beautiful blooms contain hundreds of tiny delicate petals that add amazing texture to any bouquet. A hydrangeas effortless elegance allows the bloom to be the flower of preference for special occasions such as weddings and baby showers.

In this post, it will show you how to make a simple yet elegant hydrangeas centerpiece using two stems of white natural hydrangeas and green ruscus

PRO TIP: Doubling the stem amount for larger centerpieces or substituting standard hydrangeas for jumbo hydrangeas allows for a fuller bouquet.


Here are the materials you will need:

Step 1: Trim and hydrate your flowers

Using flower cutters, trim the bottom of the hydrangea stem to the desired length. Then, place the flowers in water for about 2-3 hours prior to arranging.

PRO TIP:  Cut the hydrangeas stems at an angle, this allows the flowers to drink the maximum amount of water. If they appear to be slightly wilted, follow these steps to revive thirsty hydrangeas.


Step 2: Prepare your flowers and greens

Start by removing all the large leaves on the stem of the hydrangeas. Make sure to leave a few leaves along the base of the flower and the bottom half of the ruscus.

PRO TIP: Removing leaves is a great trick for ensuring petals get the most hydration possible. Leaves tend to absorb a large amount of moisture that should be going to the petals of the flower instead.


Step 3: Arrange the Hydrangeas and Ruscus

Gently arrange the hydrangeas and ruscus stems in one hand. The grouped Hydrangeas form a beautiful round dome and the ruscus add a pop of green. Secure using green floral tape and trim the stems.


Step 4: Add the Lily Grass

Gently add the lily grass stems to the bouquet by looping them around the base of the grouped  hydrangeas and ruscus. This gives your centerpiece or bouquet a professional touch. Secure the bunch with a small piece of floral tape.


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