Do-It-Yourself Hydrangea Centerpiece + Bouquet Tutorial

Posted on 25 May 2020

Hydrangeas boast hundreds of tiny delicate petals that add amazing texture to any bouquet and have become the flower of preference for delicate occasions such as weddings and baby showers.

Today we show you how to make an easy Hydrangea centerpiece using two stems of white natural Hydrangeas and green Ruscus in each bouquet. We recommend doubling  the amount of stems for larger centerpieces or using Jumbo Hydrangeas. Here we use the classic white Hydrangea but feel free to explore our wide variety of flowers which come in dozens of natural and tinted colors.

 Hydrangea Bouquet

What You’ll Need Per Bouquet:

Step 1: Hydrate your flowers

Cut your stem tips diagonally and place in a container of fresh water to hydrate for 2-3 hours prior to arranging. If your Hydrangeas are wilted- don’t fret!

Follow these steps to revive thirsty hydrangeas.


Step 2: Prepare your flowers and greens

Remove all of the large leaves on the stem of the Hydrangeas except for those at the base of the flower, and the leaves from the bottom half of the Ruscus.

Removing leaves is a great trick for ensuring petals get the most hydration possible. Leaves tend to absorb a large amount of moisture that should be going to the petals of the flower instead.


hydrangea bouquet

Step 3: Arrange the Hydrangeas and Ruscus

Gently arrange the Hydrangeas and Ruscus stems in one hand. The Hydrangeas form a nice round dome while the Ruscus adds a touch of green. Secure using green floral tape and trim the stems.


hydrangea bouquet 


Step 4: Add the Lily Grass

Gently add the Lilly Grass stems looping them around the base of the bouquet. This gives your centerpiece or bouquet a professional touch. Secure with a small piece of floral tape.


 hydrangea bouquet



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Happy Blooming!

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