Fall Flower Pumpkin Tutorial

Posted on 19 October 2016

Mix things up this fall with a unique and easy Halloween or Thanksgiving Centerpiece! In this tutorial, we show you how to make Flower Pumpkins using fresh flowers and flower foam. We suggest using small flowers such as mums, but feel free to explore other flowers in orange and yellow. The larger the flower the larger your piece of foam you will need.

flower pumpkin tutorial, Bloomingmore DIY guideflower pumpkin tutorial, Bloomingmore DIY guide

Items needed:

1. Florist's foam ball

2. Craft knife or other sharp knife

3. Bowl of cold water

4. Bucket of water

5. Chrysanthemum of your choice (or other flower choice)

The following is a breakdown of the number of stems needed to make 2 small pumpkins:

30 stems of Pompom Cushion Daisies

Pompom Cushion Daisies wholesale


  25 stems of Pompom Cushion Daisies

Pompom Daisy Mums


40 stems of Button Pompom Daisies

Button Pompom Mums


    Step 1.

    Cut the ends of your flowers and place in the bucket of water to properly hydrate your blooms before you start working on your pumpkins (approximately 1 hour).

    Visit our Care and Handling page for further detailed instructions on how to care for your flowers upon arrival. 

    Step 2.

    flower pumpkin tutorial, DIY guideflower pumpkin tutorial, DIY guide

    Cut the flowers approximately 1/2 inch from the base of the flower bloom.

    Step 3.

    flower pumpkin tutorial, DIY guide

    Shape your flower foam into a flattened sphere with an indent at the top to mimic the shape of pumpkin.

    Step 4.

    flower pumpkin tutorial, DIY guide

    Soak your foam in water until there are no more bubbles coming out of it.

    Step 5.

    flower pumpkin tutorial, DIY guide

    Start at the top and poke holes before placing each flower bud around the foam ball. Using fresh flowers that have been properly hydrated will allow the petals to bounce back even if they are crushed during this phase.

    Step 6.

    flower pumpkin tutorial, DIY guide

    For a final touch, add four stems to the top to mimic the stem of your pumpkin.
    Here you have it, your own version of a beautiful blooming pumpkin.
    Don't forget to send us pictures of your awesome creations. We love to hear from our designers! The sky is the limit with the options you have for these. 


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