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Fun facts about Peonies


With Peony season in full swing, it is the perfect time to highlight these gorgeous blooms. Known for their symbolism of opulence, beauty, and honor Peonies are a fan favorite of floral enthusiasts everywhere. 

Here is what we know about Peonies:

1. The birth of the Peony can be traced back to the mythology of ancient Greece and the iconography of ancient China. This diversity in origin can be attributed to the vast distance between the regions where the Peonies are native.

  • The most common etymology of the word Peony is derived from the Greek word Paeon. Paeon was the physician of the Greek gods, under the apprenticeship of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. During their lessons, Ascelpius became enraged and highly jealous of Paeon’s talents. In order to save Paeon from his mentor’s envious wrath, Zeus transformed Paeon into a peony flower.
  • In a different Greek myth, the origin of the Peony can be traced to nymph Paeonia. Paeonia was a beautiful nymph who attracted the affections of Apollo. One day, Aphrodite caught Apollo courting Paeonia and in a fit of jealous rage, Aphrodite turned the shy, beautiful, and blushing nymph into a peony flower. 
  • In Chinese mythology, the peony spirit, Gejin, fell in love with a Chinese man and chose to take the form of a human woman. The two married and had a beautiful family together. Years later, the man realized his wife and children were not mortal and was enraged. In order to escape her husband’s wrath, Gejin and her children fled to the spirit world. In an act of compassion, Gejin left two tree peonies in the place of her children so her husband could remember them. These became known as Gejin’s Purple and Gejin’s White Peonies.
2. Peonies have been used for herbal remedies across Asia and Europe for thousands of years.
  • They have been known to treat migraines, asthma, and lessen the pain of childbirth.
3. Peonies are considered royalty amongst traditional florals.
  • In ancient Greece, they were called the Queen of the Herbs, and in ancient China, they were called the King of Flowers. 
    4. Peonies bloom in all colors except blue.
    • This is because there is no true blue pigment in plants. 

      5. The Peony is the official flower for the 12th wedding anniversary.

      • This is due to Peonies being hailed as a flower that symbolizes a happy life, happy marriage, good health, prosperity, and devotion.

      6. There are three classifications of Peonies:

      • Herbaceous (perennial), tree (shrub), and Itohs (intersectionals).
      7. In 1957, the Peony became the state flower of Indiana. 

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