Fun facts about peonies

Posted on 10 July 2018

                                    * The different stages of the cut peonies *

Peony season is officially here!  So why not kick-off the season with some  #FUNFACTS  about this gorgeous flower!

Peonies are classic garden flowers and are extremely popular for weddings because of their voluminous blooms. They can grow up to 10 inches depending on their variety and they come in every color except blue so they pretty much fit in any color palette (minus the blue of course).

As you can see in the image above they typically arrive as a ball…DO NOT BE ALARMED this is completely normal, it simply means they are cut fresh and you are about to witness some magic. From its beginning stages as a ball to its complete luscious bloom, you will watch nature take its course and see the beauty of the peony.

                                             Photo Cred : Getty Images

Another reason why these flowers are so popular for weddings is because they are known for being a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage. Both of which are important for your future life!

Fun Facts

  • Peonies are grown in Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America.
  • Partially cooked and sweetened petals of peony are consumed as dessert in China. Fresh petals can be consumed in the form of salad or used as garnish for lemonade.
  • It is also official flower for 12th wedding anniversary.
  • The Peony root and seed was once frequently used to treat headaches and asthma and to relieve pain associated with childbirth.
  • The Peony is the state flower of Indiana
  • Peonies are perennial plants, meaning that they are very long lasting and can survive up to 100 years when it is cultivated under optimal conditions while the vase life of peony is only about 5 days.


Peonies are the flower for anyone and everyone! Not only does it have a rich history of being home remedies it also looks about perfect ANYWHERE!

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