Caring for your roses <3

Posted on 22 June 2018

Care & Handling
Welcome to the world of farm fresh flowers!  
Now that you have you received your gorgeous fresh roses, it’s time to care for them. Remember these beauties are delicate due to the fact that they are REAL and Natural.
 They are thirsty so let’s get started on hydrating them. Prepare a vase with CLEAN water and make sure the vase is big enough to hold all of your roses. Roses do require flower food so let’s make sure to feed them! Prior to arranging your roses, remove all the leaves, especially the ones below the waterline. After you have removed the excess of leaves, hold your roses under tap water or distilled standing water, cut 1 inch off the bottom of each stem diagonally and avoid using a home or commercial water softener as the salts can cause premature wilting. Make sure to use sharp floral pruners or something really sharp when cutting, because it will stop air bubbles from penetrating the stem. Now it is time to place! Yay! We suggest picking locations that are away from drafts, heating vents, or bright sunny windows. After 4 hours of hydration remove the guard petals (the yucky brown petals that are protecting the roses) your roses will look amazing now. Remember you can extend your enjoyment with these roses if you properly care for them, so make sure the vase never runs low on water and that you change it every 48 hours or when it starts looking cloudy and if a rose should wilt prematurely, check the stem for any breaks or scrapes. If you do find damage, try re-cutting the stem.
Happy Blooming!

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