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Five Tips on How to buy wholesale flowers online

buying flowers online vs at the market

The run-down: Ordering flowers online vs. at the flower market

Shopping online is a convenient way to skip the middle man and shop directly from the farms. Bloomingmore collaborates with small farmers to give you the best prices on seasonal flowers. There is no need to wake up early to arrive at a crowded market and better yet, there is no bargaining! At the flower market you will have to haggle the final price for your flowers. Enjoy the best seasonal prices at Bloomingmore.

Whether you are a florist beginning wedding season or a flower lover planning a special event for Easter, Passover or Mother's Day, fresh flowers are always on high demand. Learn how to keep your costs down with 5 tips on how to purchase wholesale flowers online. 

Tip 1: Order Ahead of time

Pre-ordering your flowers often keeps prices low during popular flower holidays such as Mother's Day. We recommend ordering at least three weeks in advance to get the best price on flowers during wedding season.

Tip 2: Shop seasonal flowers

You don't have to skimp on flowers when you buy seasonal flowers. During the spring Hydrangeas, Roses, Lilies, Carnations, and Mums are all in season and make for great economical options to other flowers that bloom later in the summer such as American grown peonies.

Tip 3: Set your delivery date for 2-3 days before the event

The biggest difference between ordering flowers online is that your flowers will arrive closed and bloom within two to three days. This prevents the blooms from being bruised while in the box. Set your delivery date at least two days before the big event to ensure your blooms are fully open the day of.

Tip 4: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

When your flowers arrive cut your stem tips diagonally and place in a container of fresh water to hydrate. If you need the blooms to open up quickly let the water be luke warm.

Tip 5: Chat with the specialists

Bloomingmore flower specialists are online during our standard office hours EDT/EST and are great resources for quickly guiding you to the right flower. These ladies are great for helping you find the best flower for your money and calculating how many flowers you will need.


Not convinced shopping wholesale flowers online is for you? Checkout the Bloomingmore Freshness Guarantee.

Happy Blooming!

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