Everything you need to know before you order your Wedding Flowers

Everything you need to know before you order your Wedding Flowers


Everybody knows flowers play a major role in every wedding.

Because let's be honest, flowers will always, always, make any space so much brighter and better. But, only people that have lived all the wedding planning reality really know all the work behind it and how challenging it can be to find the perfect flowers for a wedding celebration. Luckily for all those bride and grooms to-be this blog has an insider guide to ordering flowers online and everything you need to know to make the process much, much easier! 

So, sit back, relax because and follow these useful tips when planning your event. 



Step 1: Budgeting

We know there are many details to plan, however it’s really important that you start your floral budget early in the planning process because it requires time and patience. Even if you’re a keeping-it-simple type of bride or even more if you’re using flowers as the main source of decor for your big day. 

Remember you can always talk to one of our Floral Experts! Our Bloomingmore flower specialists are online during our standard office hours EDT/EST and are great resources for quickly guiding you to the right flower, budgeting and calculating how many flowers you will need.

Step 2: Shop Seasonal

By the time you get engaged, the first thing you know for sure is the date you’re getting married. So, try to look for flowers that are in full blooming season on that date. This way you’ll get that seasonal wedding look everybody loves and also it’s a great way to save money. This also helps if you want a specific type of flower for your event, then you’ll have to check their availability or choose flowers that bloom all year round. 

For example, for a summer inspired celebration colorful Roses, Peonies or Dahlias make the perfect blooms. If you’re looking for more of a spring vibe Alstroemerias or Carnations are your go-to’s. Fall and Winter are everything from Greenery, Anemones, and Stock to Dried Florals.



Step 3: Search for Inspiration

It’s YOUR big day and everything needs to be as you want to. So, take your time looking for inspirational photos, themes and ideas on all those little details. Looking for inspiration will give you an idea on what your flower type is, your color schemes, and some gorgeous combinations to recreate. A few of our favorite sources are Pinterest, Instagram, Wedding Magazines and lots of Internet Blogs. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Tip: Remember that there are a few essential elements that also influence your floral decorations such as the wedding dress, the venue, and the wedding theme. 



Step 4: Order ahead of time

Once you have decided which flowers are the best for your essence, pre-order your flowers. Pre-ordering your flowers often keeps prices low during popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. We recommend ordering at least three weeks in advance to get the best price on flowers during the wedding season.

Step 5: Set your deliver date a few days before the event 

Make sure you order 2-3 days before your celebration! The reason behind this step is that your flowers will arrive closed and bloom within 2-3 days. This will prevent the flowers from being bruised while in the box. So, order ahead to ensure your blooms are fully open the day of your wedding. 

Step 6: Hydrate your flowers!

When the flowers arrive, cut your stem tips diagonally and place them in a container of fresh water to hydrate. If you need the blooms to open up quickly let the water be lukewarm. You can also get Chrysal Flower Food or Chrysal Hydrating Solution to make sure your flowers have all the nutrients they need to last even days after your special day. 

We hope this guide helps you in every step of the way and make your big day blossom with beauty and love.


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