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May Be Bright!


There are many things to celebrate in spring. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, graduation, putting together an event for a holiday, or planning a wedding, we have the best tips and tricks for you to choose the best flowers for your event that will add that special touch and brighten the occasion.  

We know choosing the right flowers, the right designs, and combining them with the ambiance is not an easy job. But following this year's trends and these simple tips can help you along the process. And of course, ordering flowers online has never been easier! On a day when everything should be perfect, we've got you. 


First of all look at what’s in season. Usually, spring has a lot of blooming flowers, so it’s a season that you don't need to worry about. But you should always check for availability in advance. Flowers that are in season are affordable and on-trend! Besides seasonal flowers guarantee the freshest blooms for your event. One of our favorite spring flowers is Ranunculus, their bright colors and fluffy petals are perfect for any celebration. 

The flowers you choose always depend on the occasion. In events like birthdays and parties, there is more space for creativity and floral design freedom. On the other hand, ceremonies and weddings tend to be more exaggerated and over the top in the most gorgeous way possible! It also depends on the bride and groom's preferences. 


Search for the floral trends close to the event date. This year's trend is combining flowers with ruffled textures (think carnations) in a loose natural styling. This creates an elegant yet laid-back look. Our ideal choices for this flirty look are Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Roses, and Ranunculus. Also trending are bright colored and playful flowers so make sure to take on an adventurous approach to the flowers of your choice. 

Something really important to consider is that different flowers require different conditions to survive. So make sure to order the right date, and blooms that will last longer. We always recommend selecting the delivery date 3 days before the event so you can prepare the flowers and bloom perfectly just on time. 

Important celebrations definitely would not be complete without flower arrangements. We hope we helped you with this blog on how to choose the best flowers for your event! 

Don't forget to tag us @bloomingmore if you try any of our ideas to see your creations!

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