Rainbow-Tinted Roses & Pride

Rainbow-Tinted Roses & Pride

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In honor of the 1969 Stonewall rebellion, each June LGBTQ+ Pride Month is celebrated. This June marks the 50th anniversary of the national LGBTQ+ Pride traditions. Pride celebrations today include pride parades, social media campaigns, picnics, parties, workshops, and concerts to name a few. At Bloomingmore, we would like to highlight Pride Month. Our rainbow-tinted roses are the perfect pride flowers. Whether it be to pay-it-forward at the parade or the focal piece at a pride party, these flowers exemplify the beauty of the movement.


If you wish to create your own we have the perfect DIY for you! 

Here are the materials you will need:

  • White roses
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow dye
  • Flower cutters
  • Tape
  • Knife
  • Containers (amount may vary depending on how many rainbow roses you would like) 
  • Substitutes for the containers: cups, plastic test tubes, or plastic baggies 


      Step 1: Pick your white roses

      It is important to use a white or light-colored rose to ensure the purest rainbow color. For the best results, use a bud that is just beginning to open. This allows the rose to easily absorb the dye and bloom beautifully. 


      Step 2: Trim the flower stem

      Using flower cutters, trim the bottom of the rose stem to the desired length.

      PRO TIP: Cut the rose stems at an angle, this allows the rose to drink the maximum amount of water. 




      Step 3: Divide the stem into sections

      Using a sharp blade or knife, split the rose stem into vertical sections, one section per color. Cut about 2-3 inches up the stem. If more is cut, then the roses are predisposed to fragility and may not survive as long as they should.




      Step 4: Prepare the dye

      Fill the containers with water and mix in several drops of dye. Using primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) for the dye, will create the full rainbow effect. The more dye used will create a more pigmented rose. In addition to the rose petals changing colors, the stem may become saturated as well. This will add individuality to each rose and will accentuate the rainbow effect. 

      PRO TIP: Use 10-12 drops of dye


      Step 5: Place the stem sections into the dye

      Carefully place each stem section into their respective dyes. The roses will need to hydrate and absorb the dye over the course of several days. 

      PRO TIP: Cups, plastic baggies, and test tubes work as well



      Step 6: Allow the roses to sit for a few days

      During this time, the roses will be absorbing the dye and transforming into the beautiful rainbow roses. 


      Step 7: Enjoy

      We hope you enjoyed this DIY Rainbow-Tinted Roses project! Let us know how yours came out in the comments, or share it with us on social media. We love to hear from you.



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