Hot Pink Roses

Roses are packed in LAYERS within each bunch. The 1st layer contains 12 blooms and is visible from the top of the bunch, The 2nd layer contains 13 blooms and is not visible due to the protective wrap. 

To confirm the number of roses in each bunch, flip the bunch over and count the number of stems.

Keep the protective wrap surrounding the blooms on for the first 4 hours in order to re-hydrate the roses properly. If the wrap is removed during the re-hydration process, the roses heads will droop.

With sharp scissors or knife, cut the stems at an angle about 1-2 inches from the bottom. This will re-open the channels within the stem and allow the roses to absorb the water. Remove all leaves that fall below the waterline container as they create bacteria, and this lessen the life of the rose. Place stems in container with water and flower food, for long lasting roses, every 2 days re-cut the stems, clean and refill containers with fresh water.

Keep hydrated roses in a cool environment away from direct sunlight.

Roses are shipped with guard petals for extra protection. These petals may appear brownish greenish or discolored and will need to be carefully removed after hydration.

Roses Care and Handling Guide

  • Stem length: 16 in / 40 cm,  20 in / 50 cm, 24 in / 60 cm
  • Bloom size: 1.5 - 2+ in / 4 - 6+ cm
  • Vase life: average vase life with proper care and handling, approximately 7 days
  • Season: year-round
  • Special notes: guard petals may be carefully removed