Green Israeli Ruscus

Process the flowers as soon as they arrive by cutting the stems approximately 1 inch and remove any foliage that may remain below the water line. Immediately after the stems are cut, place them in the water with the hydrating solution.

After 2-3 hours of hydration, remove the clear sleeve. Allow the flowers to hydrate for another 4-5 hours before using.

Ruscus Care and Handling Guide


  • Stem length: 16, 20, 24 in / 40, 50, 60 cm
  • Vase life: average vase life with proper care and handling, approximately 10 to 12 days
  • Season: year-round
  • Special notes: Grower’s bunch typically has 10 stems per bunch. Available Painted, Glittered. Can be dried and will last for months.