Your wedding flowers are one of the most important details of your big day and can often be one of the most daunting items to plan. In this post we break it down month by month to make sure your planning stays on track and stress free!

wedding arrangements

10 Months Before The Wedding

Define your budget and color scheme for your flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Defining your flower budget and color scheme helps our Bloom Specialist determine which flowers are right for you.

8 Months Before The Wedding

Decide whether you are going to use a florist or go DIY.  This often depends not only on your budget but also how large your wedding will be. Small, intimate weddings for instance are ideal candidates for DIY flowers. Read our blog Is DIY Right for You to learn more of what  going DIY with your wedding flowers entails.

3  Months Before The Wedding (for DIY only)

Order your premium flowers from and select the delivery date for 3 days before the wedding. For brides with no flower arrangement experience we recommend watching tutorials online and practicing with cheap grocery store flowers. Chat with our Blooms Specialists to go over your wide variety of options. 

3  Days Before The Wedding (for DIY only)

When your flowers arrive you will want to unpack them and let them hydrate in buckets of water out of direct sunlight. A detailed care guide is included in all our boxes. Many of our delicate flowers are shipped while the petals are still closed to prevent them from being bruised. Ordering a few days in advance gives your flowers time to fully bloom.

1 Day Before The Wedding (for DIY only)

The day before your wedding you will want to arrange your centerpieces and bouquets and leave the stems soaking in water overnight. If you have more than a few bouquets to do invite your family and wedding party to help.
There is no need to refrigerate if you bought fresh flowers from Bloomingmore.
We hope to give honest advice and help you enjoy your flowers whether they come from us or a florist. Message us directly or leave a comment below if you have any questions about your design plan.

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