Tropical Flowers Care and Handling Guide

Your tropical flowers have been shipped dry from farms in South America and may appear wilted when received. This is natural, for they have been without water for 24 hours and are very thirsty.
Immediately upon arrival remove your flowers by cutting any straps outside or inside of the box. Please do not remove the rubber band holding the bouquet together. With a sharp scissors cut the tips of the stems for a better hydration. Fill a vase with fresh cool water and place your stems in the vase. Every 2 days, re-cut the tips of the stems, clean your vase, and refill it with fresh cool water.
It is important to spray water daily to your tropical flowers for a longer vase life since they absorb more water from their environment than from the vase. Do not place your tropical flowers or bouquets in coolers or in air blowing flowers display. Their ideal temperature in 55-75°F. If your bouquet looks a little squeezed after transportation, carefully rearrange it with your hands. Flowers and foliage will gain back their original shape.

Tropoical Flowers Care and Handling Guide