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Rafines Faye


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Rafines are a part of the Dianthus family and resemble micro carnations. They have an extremely long vase life, with proper care they can last over 3 weeks! This variety has more of a red tone than other rafines and is the perfect filler flower. You can pair them with roses, hydrangeas and other popular focal flowers. For more of a garden inspired look, you can pair these flowers to greens, such as garlands. They give off the “picked from the fields” look so if you are planning a boho chic wedding, these are a must-have!


  • Stem Length: an average of 16 to 20 inches
  • Each stem has a ‘spray’ cluster of several flowers
  • Box includes detailed care instructions
  • Cut and shipped directly from our farm upon order
  • Note. Please allow for small discrepancies in the color hue due to differences in monitor resolution and subtle climatic changes during the growing season.



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