DIY- Rustic Mason Jar Vase

Posted on 13 July 2019

Summer is a great time to relax and take a break from our usual routine. However, it can be a little boring just watching TV all day and doing nothing. This DIY is a great way to spend some time doing something fun that will also give you a beautiful new vase you can use for some fresh flowers or greens!


Here are the materials you will need:

  • Mason Jar
  • Foam Brushes
  • Chalk Paint- we used folk art home decor chalk paint in the color Patina 
  • Paper Plates
  • Sandpaper
  • Krylon Clear Matte Finish Spray
  • Twine

    Step #1: Clean your mason jar. 

    Having a clean mason jar will ensure that the paint sticks better to the jar. I just cleaned it in the sink using soap and water. Make sure it’s completely dry before you start painting.

    Step #2: Paint your mason jar.

    Try painting as even a layer as possible. It will help if your paint strokes go in only one direction. PRO TIP: try not to get too much paint on your foam brush; this helps you get a nice, smooth layer without having glops of paint on your jar. Also, don’t worry about having perfect brush strokes. Since we’re trying to go for a more rustic or “worn down” look, the paint does not have to be perfect.

      Step #3: Let your jar dry. 

      Depending on how dark you want your color, you might want to consider doing more than 1 layer. For my mason jar, I decided to do 2 layers of paint. I let the first layer dry for around 2-3 hours before applying the second layer. Once I finished the second layer, I let the paint dry overnight.

      Step #4: Sand down your jar.

      In order to create that more rustic look, I decided to take some sandpaper and sand off some of the paint from my mason jar. This is the part where you can definitely have fun and make it your own. 

      I started sanding the words so that they could pop out more. Then, I started sanding around the top and bottom corners to frame the front of the jar.

      Step #5: Add some finishing touches.

      I added some twine around the rim for a little more decoration. You can add any other little decorations you want.

      Step #6: Seal the paint.

      When you’re happy with how your mason jar looks, take the Krylon matte finish and spray your mason jar. Sealing your paint will make sure that the paint lasts a long time and doesn’t chip away. Using the clear matte finish will make sure your jar doesn’t look too glossy.

      Here’s the final project! Let us know how your jar turned out by commenting on this post or going to our social media!


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