DIY Floral Wreaths

Posted on 24 August 2016

We went all out with pops of colors at our last event and it didn't end with our ice cubes at the bar. These wreaths made for a great backdrop to our "End of Summer Bash" and were easy to put together. Make sure to stay tuned this week for the rest of our party pictures! Scroll down and check out our simple process of how we made these cute party additions. 
We used:



First, let your flowers soak in water for several hours for the healthiest appearance. In the meantime, cut all the foam blocks in half and work from those sizes. Below you will see the steps we followed to line our wreath frames with floral foam.
We traced the shape on to the foam and used a knife to cut it out. We did this for all 3 frames (2 circular and 1 square frame). 
In the pictures of items used, you will notice floral wire. We realized throughout the process that hemp twine worked better. We noticed the wire was easily cutting and damaging the foam and opted for the twine. In the picture above, you will also realize some odd shaped foam was used. We wanted to make sure not to waste any of the foam, so we fit it to the frame as best as we could. 
Once all wreath frames are lined with foam, you are ready to begin the design process. First, you will soak your foam as directed on your labels instructions. We then laid it on top of a rug to minimize the water mess. From there we started the poking process. Be sure to be gentle when inserting your stems into the foam and not to break through to the other side. We worked on one side this way and once they were hung we finished the back side. See the finished product below!

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