Make Your Own Flower Gift Box - Simple and Easy

Make Your Own Flower Gift Box - Simple and Easy

Flower arrangements make for a beautiful and symbolic gift of color that brings life to wherever they find a home. We love to give flowers so much that we are always looking for ways to cut costs. Shopping premium wholesale flowers and arranging your own bouquets can save you over 50% from the traditional flower arrangement and are much more beautiful than grocery store flowers. In this blog, we show you an economical and beautiful way to gift premium flowers by skipping the vase and using a creative container alternative instead by re-purposing a simple box you may already have. Any box can be covered with gift wrap, wall paper, or even spray paint. 

Here we show you, step by step, how to make a beautiful box of flowers with very simple materials for under $15 per gift! I have had great success with this project and have found that it is the ideal price point for teacher appreciation gifts. This project would also work great to make gifts for colleagues, friends and the DIY hostess looking to decorate a large 12-person dinner table. The best part is that this flower box can be arranged in less than 5 minutes and adds a personal sentimental value.


What You’ll Need:

  • 1  cardboard box (we used an 8" x 8” x 8” box)
  • Flower foam cut to fit inside your box
  • Plastic wrap, plastic container, or a garbage bag
  • Sharp flower shears
  • Fresh water for hydrating purposes
  • Approximately 9 fresh flowers of your choice. Bloomingmore’s wholesale roses are always a favorite. Visit our last blog to view the meanings behind floral colors. 



    STEP 1. Hydrate your flowers

    Cut your flower stem tips diagonally and place in a container of fresh water to hydrate for 2-3 hours prior to crafting your floral box.


    STEP 2. Wrap the flower foam in plastic wrap

    Adjust and place flower foam in plastic bag or wrap the flower foam in plastic wrap on the sides that touch the box to protect the box from moisture seeping through. Place the flower foam inside your box.



    STEP 3. Soak the flower foam

    Soak the flower foam until the entire foam is filled with water to ensure that your flowers stay hydrated while in the box.


    STEP 4. Add flowers

    Gently place your flowers in three even rows or design of your choice. Make sure to grab the flower by the stem to prevent bruising the petals. We recommend keeping the leaves for a lush and natural look. Add a ribbon around the box and you’re done!



    This design also works great for DIY centerpieces. Explore different base options such as wooden craft crates for a vintage look.  This concept works great for rustic-chic weddings.

    We love to hear from you! Share your comments and pictures below or on social media! #Bloomingmore

    Happy Blooming!


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