How To Celebrate Mom This Mother's Day

How To Celebrate Mom This Mother's Day

Mothers are our first teachers and our best friends. While we should shower our moms with love everyday, it is especially important on Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is a really big day for them as they are able to feel extra special and receive all the love, affection and care they dedicate to their families. 

With Mother’s Day coming up in just a few weeks (May 8, 2022), now is the time to start planning your celebrations! Starting off with amazing gifts to ensure the day is going to be as memorable for her as possible. 

Since our mothers and other mother-like figures never leave us despite the ups and downs of our lives, it is imperative to use this special moment to remind her that you are always there for her too. 

We thought it would be fun to round up some creative and fun list of activities for you to enjoy on Mother’s Day. So, you don't have to look up last-minute gifts or plans, we've got you covered!

Make Breakfast For Her 

We know, this one is a traditional activity to make on Mother's Day, but it is also a timeless and classic option to show your appreciation. All you have to do is wake up earlier than your mother and make her favorite breakfast. Spice things up by leaving a lovely letter on the breakfast tray and adding her favorite blooms. Our favorite option for this activity is Alstroemeria since their lovely colors scream spring. Her eyes will be spread wide, and you will see her face with a huge smile all day long. 

Have A Special “Us” Day

This one will be your mom's favorite activity for sure! Block off the entire day just for the two of you or arrange something for her to have special time with each individual of the family. Plan your favorite activities to do together or try something new for both of you. Create a playlist together, cook together or maybe even go to the movies. The best thing about this is the quality time spent with your mother.

Our recommendation: Have a DIY crafts afternoon with her. 

Look up some DIY floral crafts with your mom's favorite flowers and run to the store to get everything that you need. For the flowers, you already know we've got you covered. We also have some simple and beautiful DIYs videos on our social media pages for you to try. Our newest addiction is recreating our CLASSIC CHIC FLOWER MIXED BOUQUET. It's a fun and interactive way to spend time with your mom on her special day. Here´s a link to what you will need. 


Arrange A Surprise Party

Mothers are never happier than when their husbands, children, and grandchildren are gathered all together. So, arrange a surprise party with the help of your father and siblings. She will definitely be overjoyed. It's an unforgettable experience for her filled with love and care, as well as a sweet surprise. Make her favorite dishes and decorate the room with some beautiful Hydrangeas

Give Her A Lovely Gift

Mother’s day is all about pampering your mom. Do not let her do anything around the house and make sure she relaxes the whole day by gifting her lovely flowers! You can express any feeling or thought with the flower language. Each bloom represents a different message. This year choose the right flower and send a heartwarming message to your mom on this special day! 


Tag us @bloomingmore to see how you celebrate your mom this year and we will feature you on our Instagram stories! 

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