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Summer Wedding Colors to Obsess Over!!


Are you still indecisive of what colors to use on your summer wedding this year? Don't worry, this blog post will help you get inspired with lots of color trends and help you decide the best color scheme for your big day! 

We know selecting your wedding colors is a task that is much more important than one might think. Your wedding colors will guide many of your decisions ahead, so it's a critical step to make. From selecting your wedding invitations, your bridesmaids dresses, to your overall wedding theme. With a full rainbow of possibilities, the sky’s the limit for selecting a wedding color combination, but to help you on what we know to be some of the trendiest combinations for summer season we have put together some helpful ideas. 



Each season has a color combination that pairs especially well. Summer is that kind of season where you can play around and not be too serious about your colors, thankfully this year is all about lots and lots of colors into your decor!

Purple / Lavender 

First of all, Very Peri Purple- The Pantone color of the year is a must! Upbeat, vibrant, and perfect for a summer wedding. Purple flowers can work for bridesmaids’ dresses or groomsmen’s ties, and they'll definitely pop against any naturally rich backdrop. Try using some Stock, Hydrangeas, or Roses for your floral decor so everything looks ah-mah-zing.



Bright Hot Pink

Nothing is more eye-catching than Hot Pink flowers. If you are considering venues such as a botanical garden, park, or historic estate, this is a color theme you will want to consider. Their rich tone really gives any outdoor wedding that pop of color. This color plays up the beauty of a summer blue sky. Peonies and Carnations are the go-to flowers for this color theme and we envision flowy bridesmaid dresses and giant centerpieces. 


Spunky Orange

If you’re looking to throw a whimsical party full of flowers and foliage, then consider a garden theme or tropical paradise for your wedding. Summer is the perfect time to add bold pops of cheerful color like this one. Using orange Roses and or Apricot Stock will fill your summer wedding day with cheerful smiles and happy energy! 



Citrus Inspired Yellow 

Yellow is an excellent choice if you’re going for a beautiful sunset vibe. Yellow flowers are whimsical and upbeat, and we love how they look when paired with even brighter colors or natural accents. This color is also a great choice for late spring when most flowers are in full bloom. Besides, theres something about yellow that brings a dose of excitement to any space. 




Let’s face it, you can never go wring with white. It is a color you can mix up with a lot of other neutral colors to get a serene and elegant look. Neutrals are perfect for the couple looking to have simple yet chic arrangements with a tranquil mood. To get the full scope of this color scheme, envision some table centerpieces mixed with beautiful green fillers and maybe some peach details. It is subtle, but beyond beautiful for a beach venue. 



Pro tip:

Collect lots of inspiration. From magazines to social media posts from your favorite wedding pages or your favorite influencers. You can also check out our Pinterest board for more summer wedding inspo and follow us on Instagram too @bloomingmore. 

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