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Musa Reina


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Boasting baby banana’s, the Musa Reina gives the best feel of the tropics.  This is a single stem with a bright red flower sitting on top of a bundle of baby green bananas accented by a large green leaf which adds a captivating look.  Your arrangements will provide an alluring tropical feel for all your friends and family to enjoy.

  • Stem Count: 4
  • Stem Length Approximately 100 cm / 39 in
  • Cut and shipped directly from our farm upon order
  • Note: Please allow for small discrepancies in the color hue due to differences in monitor resolution and subtle climatic changes during the growing season.
  • Available All year
  • Shipped from Ecuador
  • Suggested Delivery Date is 2 to 3 days before your event
  • Average vase life with proper care and handling is approximately 10 to 12 days.
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Care & Handling Guide:

Tropical flowers are easy to take care of, you just need to follow some instructions.

  1. Never place tropicals in coolers. Always keep them between 55-75°F or 12-23°C.
  2. Tropical flowers need a LOT of water. Fill the vase at least 2/3 full.
  3. Only the final customers should remove the plastic sleeve and paper. Otherwise, leave them on to protect the flower.
  4. Cut the tip of the stems to facilitate hydration to ease water absorption.
  5. Spray your flowers with water at least once a day, in order to ensure long vase life. Tropicals do not only absorb water from the vase but also from their environment, just like in the rainforest.
  6. Do not remove the rubber band of bouquets. Our bouquets are a designed composition, thus you only need to loosen the rubber band, to be able to arrange it nicely. - If you remove the rubber band the bouquet will lose its shape.


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