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Natural Eucalyptus Ring with Bow


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Stress relief is a major in today's world. To be in a calming atmosphere with the relaxing and refreshing scent of Eucalyptus after a hectic day really has the ability to transform your anxiety into peaceful calming energy that will boost your mood and purify your environment. 

Refreshing eucalyptus fragrance is light but amplified by rubbing the leaves, spraying with bottled water, or allowing the steam from your shower or bath to permeate the leaves and branches to release the medicinal relaxing scents into your home, bathroom, or office. Allowing the ring to float in your drawn bath makes for a relaxing aromatherapeutic, stress-relieving OHMMM experience.

Reduces stress…opens sinuses… a natural healer… sharpen your focus….boost your mood…purify your environment.






BEFORE YOU HANG YOUR SHOWER RING: We recommend floating the eucalyptus ring in your sink or a bowl filled with cold water for approximately 30 minutes so that it may hydrate. Once the ring has been hydrated, remove from the bowl and shake off the excess water.  Place the ring over your showerhead or other desired location within your bathroom.  If the shower ring does not fit over your shower head, a zip tie is included for your convenience.  Simply thread the zip tie through the back of the ring or over the top and attach it to the neck below your shower head.

ENJOY THE SCENT: The Eucalyptus Shower rings do not have an overwhelmingly strong scent.  They have a light refreshing, relaxing, and aromatic scent that adds to your olfactory experience. This scent may be amplified by giving a light rub to the leaves.  

FOR LONGEVITY OF YOUR EUCALYPTUS SHOWER RING: We recommend ensuring the ring is hydrated  2 - 3 times a week. You may do this by spritzing it with freshwater, floating it in a sink or bowl of freshwater for 30 minutes, or floating it in the tub while you bathe. Your eucalyptus shower ring may last up to a month if proper care is taken.






Size (Approximation): 7 in diameter



Note: Please allow for small discrepancies in the color hue due to differences in monitor resolution and subtle climatic changes during the growing season.



Season: All Year



Shipped from: USA

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